My First Post – About Me

Leah –  19 – Student

Pretty much started this blog out of curiosity, I just fancied seeing what the blogging life was all about.
I won’t stick to a set theme, I’ll just write about whatever comes to mind.
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a typical, mainstream side to myself, for example: I love Netflix, cats, Disney and Zac Efron.
But a few more obscure details would be that:
I’m that standard untidy, lazy student. I study education and sport in Lincoln. With my aim in life, to become a primary school teacher.

5 interesting facts about me:

1. I once went to Hawaii and San Fransisco on a school trip, that was beyond amazing!
2. I was convinced my friends, I was on Eastenders, because I guess when I was little I looked a bit like this:
3. I like football. But I’m not one of those girls, that pretends they like football and know all about on Twitter. I actually do like it, my dad was my coach at 6, I’m not sure I had much choice. I also support Leicester City, ( and yes, I supported them before last season – being a glory supporter isn’t my scene).
lego land first day at juniors 014
4. My mum told me under no circumstance was I to buy a hamster at university.
So here’s a photo of the little guy:
5. I was once so drunk after a night out, I decided to see how many kick ups I could do with a broccoli. (For the record, I can do 4 – before kicking a chair and falling over).
I hope to produce some interesting blogs, so keep a look out!
Any thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated and will all be replied too. 🙂

10 thoughts on “My First Post – About Me

  1. Hi Leah, welcome to blogland! Thanks for commenting on mine, thought I’d take a peek at yours too. It’s all a bit strange at first, I remember dipping my toes in it, that was over 3 years ago and I’ve never looked back, and made some fab friends sling the way! The Sunday Sevens might be a good thing to start with and share bits of all sorts what’s going on in your week. Just a thought. It’s something that a few if dip in and out of.
    Have fun! 😀

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  2. Hello Leah, first and for most – Welcome to the blogging community! I love your new and honest about post, you have a very eloquent writing which I love to read from any blogger, most importantly, you let us readers know that you’ll write whatever comes to mind, which is perfect! I honestly wish you all the best and the neaby future and I hope you’re blogging takes off very quickly!

    Hope you’re having a marvelous day/evening!

    Benjamin Lessard – Living Life to Explore

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    1. Hi Benjamin, thank you so much for your feedback! Haha, yes I couldn’t decide on a niche, so I thought I would just write about what comes to mind😊 I’ll have to check your blog out too!! Have a fab day and thanks again😁

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