University Tips!

As cliche as it sounds, I would totally agree that your time at university are some of the best days of your life. It is 100% worth the horrific ordeal of sixth form / college days and I’d even say it was easier than A Levels!

Going to university, it was fair to say I was very dependent on my parents, which lead me to nearly defer for a year – but I’m so glad I didn’t!


My Top Tips for University:

  1. If going out is your thing, then make the most of being a fresher! Because as a current second year, I can tell you from experience, I don’t go out half as much now, as I did in first year, due to the increased workload. So – have go crazy, meet new people and have fun!
  2. Get yourself involved in societies! Whether you’re into sports or Disney films, there will be a society out there for you! Regardless, it’s a great way to meet new people and make friends. I deeply regret making excuses to join societies in my first year (I literally didn’t attend the basketball try outs because they were the same day as the Great British Bake Off Final).
  3. Staying tidy, keeps your flat mates happy! No one wants to walk into a rank kitchen…
  4. Get involved in social events and go on nights out. Again, this helps to meet new people. Another bonus of meeting people drunk, is you often get a taste of the real them… unless you’re too drunk to remember in the morning…🙈
  5. After a night out, I would always advise a cheeky trip to a kebab shop! I know its not the healthiest thing, but you will feel SO much better for it in the morning.
  6. TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS. (Whether you’re drunk or not). I love scrolling back through my phone to see photos throughout my time at university. Ps, just remember to hold your drink properly, if you get a photo taken in a club…
  7. I would consider setting yourself a student budget per week, so you can keep track of your money situation. I find if I’m running low on funds, but I want to go out, if you drink a good amount at pre drinks, you may find yourself not spending much out.
  8. If you are going somewhere other than your usual pre-drinks house, be wise with your alcohol, because if you leave it at another student’s house, you can say goodbye to that bottle of voddy!
  9. You will have the ‘taxi is here, I must drink as much as I can in 10 seconds’ moment, near enough every time you go out…c07897e0a29de0cebab231823f8734d3
  10. Don’t just do things with your flat mates, go out with course mates, other society members etc.
  11. Don’t you just hate it when you find a good quote from a book or a journal, but you can’t find a reference? WELL USE ‘REFME.’ It is an app you can get on your phone, where you can search a title or author, to help you find a correct reference, suited to the reference style of your choice.
  12. F A N C Y   D R E S S. This wasn’t necessarily key to my university, but I know a lot of universities often go out in fancy dress, because of certain clubs or it’s just a society thing. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow, it doesn’t matter how you look, its about whether you enjoyed it!
  13. Can’t be bothered to iron your clothes? Fear not. Simple hang a creased dress on a hanger in a bathroom, have a shower and the steam will iron the creases out of it, in no time.
  14. It’s okay to live off pasta and beans on toast. Every student struggles, when that should loan is running low.
  15. This is every student when they receive the ‘your money will arrive in your bank within 3 working days’ text from student finance…

Has anyone else got any tips for university students?


4 thoughts on “University Tips!

  1. Been a while since I was at university but this list is spot on! Your comment about tidying up reminded me of a friend who completely plastered their shared kitchen with A4 paper, on the cupboards and worktops; on each piece was handwritten ‘RANK!’ in retaliation for untidiness from another friend…

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